Chicori Couga

posted 2020.November

Chicori Cougaコウガチコリ


Birthplace: Hyogo. As a nutrition management counselor, she engages in creative activities while engaging in medical practice. Her philosophy is "Find out myself in the photos". She shoots the mental image by her effective suppression-eyes and Sharp enthusiasm. She has an unconventional perspective and a unique style that transforms cruelty into beauty. Couga is one of the remarkable Photo Artist now. She participated in many international exhibitions of France, Romania and Poland etc. An exhibition was held at the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art in 2020. Title Awards: Hon.FCPA, Hon.CPE, FCPA Gold Medal, CIEP Honorable Mention, Road to Paris Semi-GP.

兵庫県出身。栄養マネジメント・カウンセラーとして医療現場に携わりながら創作活動を行う。「心を写す」をテーマに、抑制を利かせた眼差しで心象風景を切り撮る気鋭。 既成概念に囚われない視点、そして生々しさを美に転換させる独特なスタイル。
コウガはいま注目すべき写真作家の一人である。海外ではフランス、ルーマニア、ポーランド国際展など多くの展示に参加。2020年兵庫県立美術館にて展覧会を開催。 称号受賞歴:Hon.FCPA, Hon.CPE, FCPA Gold Medal, CIEP Honorable Mention, Road to Paris準GP。


I am usually involved in the medical field. People may hold my hand and talk with me today, but there is no guarantee they will have that same smile tomorrow. The moments that make up human life or certain happy times never come around a second time. People wish to be reincarnated in the afterlife. But I don't want to do so.
The human world is full of sin and greed. Life is beautiful because it has an end. I think so.

The reason why I chose photography instead of painting is probably because I am attracted to "the existence of a moment that will never happen again". I then learned the "hunting" of shooting. The scenery I saw with devastated grief looks different through the lens. I wanted to hunt, hunt, and hunt all.

Yes, the moon is a mirror that reflects the hearts of people.
I found it in the photos.
It's not the scenery, it's my heart.
I will hunt this moment that will never happen again.
Hunting must be beautiful.

Photographs forgive and free me from the loneliness I hold from my childhood and the trauma of the past. I dismantle myself and rebuild myself. And I want to be reincarnated as a better personality in my current lifetime. My complicated creative process may be a manifestation of such feelings. And I mix my heart with the words that accompany the photo. I don't have to know how much is true and how much is my imaginative creation. But only when I am able to leave something in someone's heart, will I be able to say I existed. That is all of my photography activity.

Chicori Couga, November, 2020.





コウガ チコリ November, 2020.