Daisuke Takakura

posted 2020.November

Daisuke Takakura高倉大輔


Takakura was born in 1980. He lives in Tokyo, where he pursues a career as a stage actor.
Takakura is adept at recreating an invisible daily reality, and many of his works capture stories born out of the parallel universe of his. He has a refined and consistent approach that stimulates the imagination and teases a delicate discourse from the viewer. His works have received great acclaim at Paris art fairs, and ought to take their rightful place as fascinating records of a fragment of life of the 80s generation.
His work featured as the main visual for Paris Fotofever 2015, and also showed at Fotofever in Paris in 2016 and 2017, as well as at numerous other fairs in Japan and abroad. Takakura's work was selected in the top 50 at Critical Mass 2020 (USA), and is part of the collection at TEZUKAYAMA Gallery.

fotofever 2015作品がメインビジュアルに採用。同じくfotofever 2016.17に出展(パリ)その他内外のショーに多数参加。Critical Mass 2020 top 50(アメリカ)に選出される。TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY所属。


Utilising theatrical techniques that form the backbone of my artistic endeavours, my concept involves the expression of stories that arise (or are overlooked) out of the myriad potentialities and facets of day-to-day existence.
My most important work, “Monodramatic”, takes the motif of a one-person show, and seeks to depict the various possibilities and stories of the subjects.
The series “Loose Polyhedron” incorporates the emotions of delight, anger, sorrow, pleasure, and neutral (flat) into a personal ‘emotion chart’ that I developed through research of each subject. The photos seek to reflect each of these emotions and facial expressions, as well as perceptions of such in a typology-esque manner.
Using the occasion of my marriage as a chance to create work on the family, and taking the Pieta by Michelangelo as motif, the photos in my “Loop Pieta” series depict subjects embracing themselves, overlaid with children born of the same DNA as well as parents, headed for their final days. The idea was to illustrate the loop or cycle that we are bound to through our blood. “Vein” represents one of the offshoots from “Loop Pieta”, and consists of photographs of plants from places I have frequented, embroidered with the veins of my arm in a work that serves as an affirmation of my existence.

The subjects of my series’ “Monodramatic”, “Loose Polyhedron” and “Loop Pieta” are mainly actors and those adept at using their bodies expressively. Such abilities allow for communication with oneself on alternate layers and timelines that do not exist in the physical realm, and enable the coalescence in the photos of those narratives which were actualised and those that were not, in such a way as to imbue each story with a sense of both omnipresence and realism.

The imagination is both rich and powerful. In this age, where massive amounts of information are available at our fingertips, and so easily (mis)construed as ‘true’ or ‘correct’, I strongly believe it is all the more vital that we have the ability to visualise ourselves and others. Imagination is the key to being able to consider ourselves and others from diverse perspectives, and it gives us the power to love one another.

Daisuke Takakura, November, 2020.

一人芝居をモチーフとし被写体の様々な可能性と物語を描く代表作”monodramatic”。喜・怒・哀・楽・フラットを五つの頂点とした独自の「感情のバランスチャート」を被写体ごとのリサーチにより作成、それを反映させ人の感情ごとの表情とその認識をタイポロジー的に描く”loose polyhedron”。
結婚を機に家族の作品を作りたいと思った作家がミケランジェロのピエタをモチーフに、被写体自身が自らを抱き、その自らを同じ遺伝子を持ち生まれくる子と死にゆく親に重ね合わせ、円環する血脈を描く”loop pieta”、loop pietaから派生し、作家本人が訪れたり生活する場に根ざす植物を撮影、それに自分の腕に浮かぶ静脈を重ね合わせ刺繍を施し、自らの存在肯定を表現する”vein”などがある。

”monodramatic”、”loose polyhedron”、”loop pieta”三作品の被写体は主に俳優などの身体表現者である。何もない舞台に新たな世界を立ち上げることができる彼らは、イメージする力を強く持っている。
その力は、 物理的には存在しない別のタイムラインやレイヤーの自分とのコミュニケーションを可能とし、選ばれた物語と語られなかった物語が普遍性と現実性を持って写真の上で交差することを可能とする。

人の想像力はとても豊かで強力だ。膨大な量の情報が簡単に手に入り、それが正しいと思い込みがちな今の時代には、他者や自分をイメージする力が必要だと強く感じる。想像力は、他人を、そして自分を様々な側面から考え、 愛するカになり得るものだ。

高倉 大輔 November, 2020.