Akihito Yoshida

posted 2020.December

Akihito Yoshida吉田亮人


Born in 1980 in Miyazaki Prefecture, Yoshida lives in Kyoto. After working as an elementary school teacher for six years, he turned to freelance photography at the age of 30. His photo books, with their unique compositions and carefully selected materials, have been published at international photo festivals and galleries in France, Germany, China and Singapore, as well as the KYOTOGRAPHIE Kyoto International Photography Festival. He has received numerous awards. His piece entitled “The Absence of Two, shown in the video, is his signature work, and has received particular acclaim in Japan and abroad.

1980年宮崎県出身・京都市在住。滋賀大学教育学部障害児教育学科卒。6年間勤めた小学校教員を退職し、30歳でフリーの写真家に転向。独特の構成、吟味された素材でまとめた写真集は国内外で評価される。KYOTOGRAPHIE京都国際写真祭をはじめ、フランス、ドイツ、中国、シンガポールなど国際的な写真祭やギャラリーなどでの個展、写真集の刊行がされている。受賞多数。映像で紹介する『The Absence of Two』は国内外で特に高い評価を得た代表作である。


In my work, I have followed and assembled a variety of subjects, from overseas manual laborers to close family members. At first glance, when you look at my photographs individually, they all seem disjointed and inconsistent. However, each of my photographs has been inspired by events and serious problems that occurred between myself and the people around me. For me, creating a work of art is a process of confirming my current foothold, and thinking about how to live my life in the future through photography.

Akihito Yoshida, December, 2020.


吉田亮人 December, 2020.

Artist : Akihito Yoshida
Director Seiji Komatsu,  Movie&Edit Team Emon, Produced by EMON,Inc.
English Subtitle Miyuki Ishiguro,  Trancelation Luke Ray
Music : Epidemic Sound  “Lightyears In No Time” by Kim Aspen
“Dust In The Sun” by Kim Aspen,“The Autumn” by Sebastian Winskog
Special Thanks : Kyotographie ,Tamon Yahagi , Makoto Ishida